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If you think about it, baby photos are one of the nicest ways to capture the best moments in babies lives. It all starts with the newborn baby photography, you must agree that this photo can be the best in the lives of the parents because the sensation that seeing your baby for the first time is priceless. Parents usually want to get that first newborn baby photo and show them to member in the family, to their friends and even to anybody out there in the streets. When talking about baby photos, we can consider that the most popular or traditional photo of your baby is the one that is taken during the first 2 weeks of their lives. We call it the newborn baby photography. It’s really cute when you see that picture of your baby wrapped like a Mexican taco in a blanket. And what about when some babies are even dressed up in a little outfit. These images are really things to register forever.


  • 2hr of dedicated service with our talented photographer
  • Alone or with parents and siblings
  • Newborn should be taken preferably within 14 days of birth. Maximum allowable at 1 month.
  • 5 edited softcopies
  • Rest of softcopies returned unedited


  • Valid within 3 months from date of purchase.
  • Valid Mon – Sun: 10am – 7pm (not including public holidays). Subjected to availability.
  • No other persons are allowed to take photos on the day of shoot other than photographers from Yikeshu.


  • Call 83214713 for appointment and schedule with order number.

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